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828I am stuck - Ladonna

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  • Tony
    Jul 31, 2002
      Hello Ladonna,

      The subject line of your post is the same as the one I posted. I don't have
      any background to your post and I am not sure if your post is directed at a
      specific person but I would like to reply.

      There is an old saying in meditation - "trust the process". From my
      experience, expectations often hinder any progress in meditation since
      feelings of frustration override other experiences.

      Again from experience, a lot happens below the surface during meditation.
      The processes may take days or weeks or months and may not reveal themselves
      fully until some time has passed. The key is to be patient. As you see the
      results of these underlying processes, you may improve your ability to
      detect them.

      You may also see what is happening now as a need to develop patience since
      that may be what you need to help you move to the next stage in your
      spiritual development. One way to look at it is to see it as a higher
      intelligence that only reveals itself when you have relaxed sufficiently and
      freed yourself from your normal thinking mind. Even when you achieve this,
      you may only see the results of this higher intelligence before you begin to
      sense its presence.

      In summary; relax, drop expectations, gradually still your thinking mind and
      keep your trust in the meditative process. I hope this helps


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      I dont know how u got my address but I am replying in hope that u will send
      some iformation. I meditate see the light feel relaxed and don't know what
      to expect next it is like I am stuck there please reply

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