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820Re: [Meditation Society of America] Digest Number 127

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  • Ramon Sender
    Jul 29, 2002
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      I love this ad that appears frequently at the top of the e-mailed
      list digests I receive (I believe that at the groups.yahoo.com
      site there's a graphic that appears instead..

      > ------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ---------------------~-->
      > Will You Find True Love?
      > Will You Meet the One?
      > Free Love Reading by phone!

      I interpret it to refer to the ONE TRUE LOVE that resides in our
      As for the third line, I decided to try to see if dialing a local number
      by randomly tapping the keypad might connect me to THE ONE.
      I got a beeper, left my office number. Ten minutes later the phone
      rang, I answered with the name of our office, and got a 'click!"
      I interpreted it as an instant FREE LOVE READING of God-energy
      and went into an expanded state of bliss.


      Sort of kidding, sort of, that is... but I did dial just for fun, for
      my random spontaneous FREE LOVE READING.