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81On disturbing meditation experiences

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 14, 2001
      Question from an email: I thought I�d ask your
      opinion or check to see if you have any input with regard
      to any �odd� experiences as a result of meditating,
      those experiences that one might not other wise
      have...Clarvoiance, angel contacts,etc.<br>Partial answer:Your
      experiences are not uncommon<br>and you are not alone in your
      having varied feelings/thoughts about them.For the first
      20 years of my meditation practice, I focused on 3rd
      eye techniques as well as pranayama, and had
      unspeakably glorious visions and insights. I don't think that
      I actually got any happier or any<br>greater self
      control, but I did understand that there is more than one
      way to perceive reality, and this made me very open
      and ready to receive whatever the universe brought my
      way. It is usually advised to maintain a dispassionate
      attitude towards life, and particularly towards<br>things
      that transcend the ordinary IE: visions, angles,
      spirits, etc. I feel this is a very healthy way to avoid
      getting "carried away". Did you ever see the movie
      "Little Buddha"? There is a great scene where Buddha
      experiences amazing visions, but he remains firm in his
      resolve to<br>remain focused on attaining enlightenment.
      The visions turned out to have been generated by a
      demon/devil, and once he recognized this, he did attain his
      goal. I feel that you are at a dramatic point in your
      spiritual development, and your mind is throwing whatever
      it can at you, so that you will remain reactive to
      it, and not it's master. Meditate. Persevere on the
      goals you incarnated to attain - inner peace, wisdom,
      Self knowledge,<br>Self control, and bliss. Be kind to
      your Self. Witness your life as it takes place without
      judgement, comparisons, or comments. Don't settle for an
      angelic guide. You are most precious to That which guides
      the angelic guides and your destiny is eternal,
      infinite Realization.
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