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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 26, 2002
      Yes that is me <rhyanna@c...> wrote:
      I am rather new to meditation and have a question. I seem to have
      no problem getting into a medatative state, it goes quite quickly.
      is just when I do I almost immediately go into a state of complete
      and utter bliss too the point where tears of happiness stream down. I
      feel a complete and utter oneness with all and such a feeling of
      unconditional love and acceptance. The question is as I am new to
      this, is this normal? I do feel very relaxed afterwords which is

      Dear Rhyanna,
      What a wonder-full thing! I agree with Tony and don't feel that this
      is common to "new" meditators. But who knows - you may have been a
      meditator for many lifetimes. Bliss, loving unity, and happiness are
      beautiful experiences. These often come after much introspection, and
      one need not have had to "sit in meditation" to have had this occur
      as part of their life. The awareness within you that Witnessed these
      things is still Witnessing, and will remain "very relaxed" no matter
      what flows by in your life. At One with the inner Witness, bliss,
      insight, and other graces inevitably flow by. Enjoy! And when you are
      identified with things of the senses, emotions, and body, suffering
      will inevitably flow by. Learn and let go. Since you need not seek
      bliss, as it has found you and flows to you easily, what I think you
      should seek are the real consciousness evolving
      treasures....Compassion and Humility. These come automatically
      with suffering. What a beautiful win-win situation to be in. Enjoy
      the happiness that bliss brings, and enjoy the learning suffering
      brings. And by Grace, all seeking stops and All Witnessing is
      Realized. Thank you for sharing. Please continue.
      Peace and blessings,
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