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803RE: [Meditation Society of America] Question

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  • Tony
    Jul 26, 2002
      Hi Rhyanna,

      While it is good to enjoy what you have, I would suggest being careful not
      to become dependent on it or see it as a final goal. Essentially, be open to
      additional developments that may come as you meditate.

      I don't think what you are experiencing is normal. My thinking is that most
      people who meditate may never reach your level of experience. This may point
      to some role you may want to consider as a teacher or someone who helps
      other people.


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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Question

      I am rather new to meditation and have a question. I seem to have no
      getting into a medatative state, it goes quite quickly. It is just when I
      do I
      almost immediately go into a state of complete and utter bliss too the
      point where
      tears of happiness stream down. I feel a complete and utter oneness with all
      such a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance. The question is as I
      am new
      to this, is this normal? I do feel very relaxed afterwords which is good.


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