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7365[Meditation Society of America] Re: Truth does the work - Dan

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  • dan330033
    May 4, 2003
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      Hi Jason --

      > Jason: Insight sounds grand, doesn't it? So grandious
      > this seeing through can be.

      No, not at all.

      That's a misunderstanding of insight.

      It occupies no space, has no weight,
      serves no purpose for anyone.


      > Jason: makes sense to me

      Me, too.

      Also, "makes sense of me."

      > Jason: I tend to think that knowing is a much common
      > affair, I tend to think seeing isn't. The sight seen
      > or unseen is a common affair, yet the seeing without
      > sight, quite uncommon indeed.

      Yes, I agree.

      > Jason: I suppose this non-sense makes sense as well.
      > Why then does it seem to me that no one is free from
      > the truth that grabs, so to speak? Why does it seem
      > more so that there is much attempting to get away from
      > the truth that has never let go of anyone, anywhere,
      > at any time?

      Sad, but true.


      > I see the answers, yet you do much better
      > at making them sound nicer, to those that like nice
      > sounding answers :)

      Heh, heh.

      Yup -- truth ain't pretty -- but therefore,
      it ain't ugly, neither.

      Peace upon you,
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