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733Question From Email - Sitting Position

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  • Tony
    Jul 18, 2002
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      My suggestion is to simply sit in a comfortable position. Not so comfortable
      that you naturally fall asleep and not so uncomfortable that it distracts
      from your meditation. For some people that might mean supporting the back
      for others it might not. So if you are more comfortable with your back being
      supported, then that should be the position for you.

      Some additional points.
      Over time you may decide to change your position - your level of relaxation
      and the state of your back muscles may warrant a change.
      During meditation you may reach a stage where you no longer feel the chair,
      so initial position may not be that important.
      You can experiment to find the best position, rather than forcing yourself
      into what you think is the best position.


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      I have a comfortable chair with a
      straight back that I like to use for
      meditation.My question is,is it OK to
      support my back with the back of the
      chair?The back of the chair is straight
      and I'm much more comfortable this way.

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