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7327Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Truth does the work Karta-Dan

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  • Jason Fishman
    May 3, 2003
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      Howdy Karta,

      > > Come off it pleeeeze Dan!

      Jason: Dan can't come off it, he can't even get on it.

      > > you sound like that mutated oki when
      > > talking about "stastes* etc
      > >
      > > A *SATE*
      > >
      > > OK?`

      Jason: Why then, isn't this as obvious as your stating
      it is? I just can't seem to figure out an arguement
      that is presented..

      > > and some choses to work on refning it

      Jason: Very good, this refinement sounds like fun!

      > > Karta
      > Karta -

      Howdy over there Dan,

      > This is exactly why Gautama said "life is suffering"
      > because of the going in and out of states of
      > being.

      Jason: Funny, I'm certain I like to suffer :)

      > And you can work on going into your desired states
      > all you want -- that is nothing but your
      > suffering.

      Jason: No one really has a choice but to work on the
      commings and goings, it seems. So, in turn those
      commings and goings are beginings and endings
      perpetuated by the desire to be a comer and goer. In
      this sense there is no begining or ending.

      > Gautama taught the end of suffering.

      Jason: No end, only the belief that it's over. When it
      does end we won't know about it.

      > It is the end of the one going in and out of states,
      > and of the states of which that one goes in and
      > out.

      Jason: HaHa!

      > Of course, the one going in and out of states, isn't
      > going to like this news, and will find all kinds
      > of ways to ignore and distort this truth if
      > possible,
      > so as to keep on with the same old investments,
      > whether dressed in spiritual or material clothes.

      Jason: A perfect definition of our seperation in this
      union. I think what is obvious here is to notice that
      since we all are comers and goers, this being
      dreadfully obvious, in that instant there is a union.
      Then the in and out states can be seen and enjoyed.

      > > > If Truth works through you, then there is only
      > Truth --
      > > > not anything or anyone apart -- to be
      > promoted, bashed,
      > > > to get into or out of a state --

      Jason: If there is only truth then I'm sure we would
      all be within the parameters of only this truth (of
      course there isn't only truth since truth would have
      no parameters) Unfortunatly the ones that desire to
      know this as truth are still the ones perpetuating the
      comming and goings. I know what your saying about
      truth here, I just enjoy giving us shit about all our
      commings and goings.

      > > > -- Dan

      Peace and Love

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