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7320Re: Truth does the work -- with no before or after

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  • satkartar7
    May 3 11:09 AM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "dan330033" <dan330033@y...> wrote:
      > As one great teacher said, about those seeking to get
      > into states and those offering them, "the blind
      > leading the blind."
      > "There are none so blind as those who will not see."
      > "Truth walked among them, but they knew it not."
      > If Truth which is Life chooses you, you will know it
      > immediately -- or if not, one may
      > continue as a self with its images --
      > images of states to be in or out of, anti-gurus,
      > pro-gurus, guru-promoting, guru-bashing,
      > guru-evaluating in the right and wrong ways, and
      > techniques to be in favor of or against.

      > Either Truth is the meditation that is doing you --
      > or you are trying to do meditation to have an
      > experience, to know something, to attain a realization ...
      > The truth is right here, is not a drug or a state,
      > is not something familiar, is not an image to
      > which you have reactions pro or con.

      Come off it pleeeeze Dan!

      you sound like that mutated oki when
      talking about "stastes* etc

      A *SATE*


      and some choses to work on refning it


      > If Truth works through you, then there is only Truth --
      > not anything or anyone apart -- to be promoted, bashed,
      > to get into or out of a state --
      > -- Dan
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > We'll never know for sure because it is possible that there are
      > others
      > > whose followers, or they themselves never have "gone public", but
      > the
      > > Guru who may have had the greatest number of disciples who attained
      > > Realization in the 20th Century was Swami Sivananda. He has left
      > over
      > > 350 books he authored that well demonstrate his first hand
      > experience
      > > and understanding of Enlightenment. But in his own eyes, he never
      > saw
      > > himself as something special. He would let his followers give him
      > > flowers, pranam to him, sing his praises, and so on, as is the
      > custom
      > > in India. It was his habit to then go to his very humble room (he
      > had
      > > no Rolls Royces or Rolex's either), and hit himself on his back with
      > > books while berating himself to himself with statements like "Who do
      > > you think you are? You're just a sack of skin, filled with feces,
      > > puss, urine, bile, etc" and other similar "beam me back down to
      > earth,
      > > Scotty" type statements. Why? Because he felt that all the glories
      > > that he was showered with might divert him from his aim of helping
      > > others. His whole life was one of service to others. He had been a
      > > physician, and never stopped trying to heal the sick of body, mind,
      > > emotions, or spirit. His entire teaching was summed up in the simple
      > > formula "Be good. Do good." And the things he pointed to directly as
      > > the greatest things to work on before and after Enlightenment were
      > > compassion and humility. I am sharing this now because there is
      > such a
      > > tremendous amount of Guru bashing going on at various internet
      > groups
      > > and web sites. What I suggest is that if there is a judgement about
      > a
      > > Guru to be made, it should be made upon the criteria of "Are they
      > > compassionate and humble? Are they teaching that and living that?",
      > > and of course, the content of the wisdom they share. It should not
      > be
      > > about their looks, what they wear, or even if they have or don't
      > have
      > > Rolls Royces.
      > > And if you do find peace when you meditate about them and what they
      > > teach, they may very well be worth continuing to learn from. And if
      > > you meditate about them or what they teach, and it takes your peace
      > > away, they are not a Guru for you, and you should not squander any
      > > more energy on them by trying to tear them down, get revenge,
      > feeling
      > > anger over what they do, and so on. Just be compassionate towards
      > > them, and stop carrying them around by filling your mind with
      > thoughts
      > > about them, or letting your body get tense, or your emotions get
      > > riled up. Those type things just feed into your feelings of
      > > self-importance and take away your humility and compassion, and thus
      > > stop your spiritual evolution in its tracks. Be compassionate to
      > > yourself. Don't let others (even if they are Enlightened) actions
      > > create waves in your inner ocean. And if they say or do something
      > that
      > > you take personally, take that as an opportunity to experience
      > > humility. You know - the "Turn the other cheek" thing. Oh yeah, one
      > > other thing - I'm not advocating beating yourself with books. When
      > you
      > > see yourself filling up with pride because of some received praise,
      > > it's OK to just smile, accept it, and go on with the quest for more
      > > humility and compassion in gentler ways:-)
      > > Peace and blessings,
      > > Bob
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