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7318Re: sounds during meditation (was 3rd eye)

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  • satkartar7
    May 3, 2003
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      > "texasbg2000" <Bigbobgraham@a...> wrote:
      > snip
      > Karta:
      > > > Hi Bobby here is the sound meditation
      > > > page the second one by Kirpal if you
      > > > click on onlinebooks than on Naam
      > > > there is more to read about the sound
      > > > and the third you find Gurdijeff
      > > > movement diagram 'he taught a yoga-
      > > > dance' like magick diagramm of steps
      > > > and movements coordinated with emotions
      > > > .. I have to look it up: he was
      > > > initiated to and used the nadi-sound
      > > > of Aum also. So is Keith Richards, Erick
      > > > Clapton Shania Twain and many musicians
      > > > it is a great tool in meditation
      > > >
      > > > <http://www.santmat-meditation.net/santmat/shabd-1.html>
      > > > <http://www.santmat-meditation.net/santmat/kirpal.html>
      > > > <http://www.santmat-meditation.net/2/sufiart.htm>
      > > >
      > > > Posession by the Aum, no I don't
      > > > think so.
      > > >
      > > > Love, Karta
      > Bobby G:
      > > Thank you Karta, it is the same meditation I have been using.
      > >
      > > Probably the possession thing came out of my early Baptist training
      > > and movies.
      > > Love
      > > Bobby G.
      > Hi,
      > The fear of possession may have a much earlier origion than movies or
      > Baptist stuff. As a matter of fact, in may be in our very oldest and
      > deepest genetic memories. In the days before fire, a caveman probably
      > sat in the dark shaking with fear of the roars and growls of the
      > predators roaming around outside. He very likely stuck his fingers in
      > his ears, or plugged them up with dirt or whatever was handy, to shut
      > out the terrifying sounds. This was the start of man looking within,
      > and finding and listening to the inner "divine harmonies", "celestial
      > choirs", and so on, that every religion and "way" has reported from
      > that time on. Similarly, he would have likely become much more aware
      > of his breath, and it is probable that this would have also been the
      > start of the Soham meditation, and other pranayama techniques. And he
      > also probably had his eyes shut tightly at different times and would
      > have likely eventually focused on the 3rd eye area, and the inner
      > door to cosmic vision would have opened. All of this would have led
      > his newly evolved frontal lobe activity to start the enquiry
      > into "Who am I?", What is this life about", and so on. And thus
      > meditation began and continues until this very moment. So, how come
      > they call it "New Age"?:-)
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      yes, fear is deep seated, Dam must
      know a lot about this.

      The just hatched from the eggs chiks
      have a memory already of the fear of
      a big-bird or eagle flying above them Experiment sowed that if the shadow o=
      a paper kyte is above them they run
      wild for cover chirping loudly

      Love, Karta
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