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7300spaces between Re: Sound Current: Discussion

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  • Nina
    May 1, 2003
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      Hi, Bobby and Gene, thanks for the discussion. Sometimes, it seems
      that there is a connection available, but the bridge hasn't been
      found. This is the sense I am getting, "me to y'all".

      > If I listen carefully to the sound it becomes enterweaving
      > harmonies which just get better and bigger the longer it goes on
      > uninterrupted.

      While I know you are speaking of the sound current, something that
      this reminds me of is the resonance it is possible to key into when
      chanting Aum. One of the ways of doing this is by feeling/listening
      to the resonance of sound at the heart on A, the throat on U, and the
      center of the head on M. The frequency of sound increases as the
      location in the body/mouth moves up. Overlaid on the base tones of A,
      U, and M are numerous tones, which appear in resonance/harmony with
      the voiced tone. These tones come 'out of nowhere' - they are not
      produced by the voice, but they appear in reponse to the voice. The
      first overlaid tone is the most accessible, the second is less so,
      and so on. It is possible to climb the tones like a ladder.

      I am comparing the above and below, and wondering if there is a

      > It is the spaces between the regular increments of increase that
      > require a shock or energy from the outside to progress or evolve to
      > go past that space. In other words we will progress or learn in
      > regular steps with little effort until there is an obstacle of some
      > kind. It is there that energy must be applied to continue.
      > Overcome the obstacle and it seems easy again until the
      > next "space". Understanding that allows one to expect the
      > unexpected in a more predictable way.

      Well, speaking of expecting the unexpected, and the spaces in-
      between, I will share with you a hilarious sound-related incident.
      John and I were driving home last weekend and noticed the hordes of
      nicely dressed people headed towards the Civic Center. Ah, we
      thought, it must be a symphony night. Sure enough, the symphony was
      listed on the Civic Center event board. So, we drive on into the
      parking garage, and I'm spaced-out day-dreaming. Suddenly, a tune
      pops into my head, and I start singing it w/ much gusto and flair.
      John says, what's that. I say, I don't know, but I think it has
      something to do with vikings. (Tee hee, it was a "car tune" - "bugs
      bunny" came to mind, also.) Pause. I say, Hey, I wonder if it's
      playing tonight at the symphony. John said, you're nuts (or something
      akin to that), but we still checked the symphony program online when
      we got home. Sure enough, Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries was on the
      docket. LOL!

      good evening to you all,
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