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7299Re-post from the Ranch - Greg

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  • judirhodes
    May 1, 2003
      Yes, and your discrimination to realize this interplay of desires
      is a big help. Enlightenment desired for ulterior motives.... It's
      a subtle, sneaky desire. But why not just go after those other
      things on their own? It's quicker!

      Like I know a lady who wanted to be enlightened so that she would
      be able to get a recording contract. She was told by Guru Mayi that
      enlightenment would make this possible. Needless to say,
      enlightenment didn't happen. But - when she threw over this
      ridiculous idea of enlightenment for worldly purposes and went after
      her music career directly, putting her songs on MP3, etc., she got
      lots and lots of business! And now has one or two CD's on contract.
      She's happy now, and couldn't care less about what she took to be
      enlightenment! Maybe later she'll want enlightenment or
      understanding for a more mature reason, if not for no reason at all.
      But the big catch, which Judi and I and Dan and Bruce and (very few)
      others have said relentlessly over the last years here and on other
      lists, is that it will never happen where there's an ulterior
      motive. Here on the Ranch, folks are encouraged and corralled and
      harangued and embarrassed into looking at every slippery, slimy, self-
      serving reason behind the desire for this lofty goal. And of course
      when you do look at it that closely - you find that there's no place
      upon which to stand. And that's just the point!