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7297Re: From Email: The Truth/Karta

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  • Gene Poole
    May 1, 2003
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      "satkartar7" <mi_nok@y...> wrote:

      Gene had written:

      > > Of course, if you cannot 'get her goat', you can always
      > > lend your goat, to her.
      > I don't understand the goat analoge
      > the Greeks are into that; not the
      > Hungarians
      > Love-Peace, Karta

      The phrase 'to get her goat' is similar to:

      to jerk her chain

      to push her buttons

      to rattle her cage

      to pull her strings

      to taunt

      to provoke

      But more specifically, to 'get the goat' refers
      to the stubbornnes with which your opponent
      clings to a position; like a goat, will be nearly
      impossible to move, once it decides to resist.

      So, to confront in a certain way, is to know
      in advance, what reaction will be forthcoming;
      and so it is revealed, what reaction is desired,
      as a means to provoke someone to look foolish.

      ==Gene Poole==
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