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7282Sound Current: Discussion

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  • Gene Poole
    May 1, 2003
      Greetings, ALL...

      Here is the best link I could find:


      Personally, I find it very unfortunate that this
      'phenomenon' is treated only in the language
      of 'spirituality', because it is very real, and
      very powerful, and very useful.

      By that, I mean to say, that by association, such
      subtle phenomena are by definition, evocative of

      The assumption seems to be that certain
      spiritual 'ways and paths' have this one, the
      sound current, all wrapped up and buttoned

      Students of raw phenom, who look into the
      nature of the sound current, will find precious
      little, besides the 'spiritual' interpretation, unless
      personal experience is tapped as a source of

      As a lifelong 'reality hacker', I acknowledge
      spirituality, and also phenomenality and also,
      importantly, our various concepts of physics.

      On the sound current:

      Perception is... an outgoing force.

      Perception is... a process which occurs
      AFTER reception.

      Perception is... as an outgoing force,
      my side of the conversation; in other words,
      while I may write after I perceive, my perception
      is in itself, an outgoing communication, just like
      writing, only quicker. Perception is the way
      that I constantly 'talk back' to the universe.

      I perceive the sound current; it is a sound
      which fills the silence. It is an etheric, ringing
      tone, which changes and varies so quickly
      that I cannot anticipate it; I can only surrender
      to it.

      Now, this tone, is actually composed of many
      individual tones; and each of those individual
      tone, is also, composed of individual tones. I
      have not found any point, in my exploration of
      this sound current, at which there are not yet
      more tones to be found in any individual tone.

      My experience is this:

      The sound current, once perceived, serves as
      a gateway into a vast 'network'. Each 'subtone'
      is a gateway into a 'subnet'. All gates are arrayed
      in a perfect geometrical and very beautiful way;
      it is possible to 'navigate' this vast network,
      purely on the basis of the esthetic sense. Intellect
      need not be employed during navigation, but
      later, as a means of understanding and evaluating
      the experience.

      To break (word used deliberately) between
      subnets, or in other words to step from net to
      net, requires that stored energy be expended.
      Energy is gained by the whole appreciation of
      the beauty (yes, can be considered 'Divine')
      of the experience, and then, 'spent' during the
      process of navigation of the network.

      The above stepping is analogous to the
      tonal 'stepping' spoken of by G Gurdjeiff;
      the aspect of 'shock' can be taken as the
      norm, by the experienced navigator. It is
      meditation (with or without sound current)
      which teaches how to withstand these

      (The recent discussion here, of fear
      during meditation, alludes to the 'shock
      value' of meditation... fluctuations are
      not always smooth, sometimes they are
      very rocky, abrupt, and filled with showers
      of imagery and feelings... )

      Overall, the sound current provides an
      immediate and always available means and
      'proof' of the actual 'etheric' nature of the
      human; and that anyone can discover, learn,
      and do what I have described above, serves
      to point out that assumptions of 'Divinity' do
      not necessarily have to precede the gaining
      or exercise of such abilities.

      To 'perceive' the sound current, is to thereby
      communicate 'back to it', and thereby to
      modify it, in that it speaks back to us, as what
      we perceive. The 'exchange' of this conversation
      is so rapid, as to escape detection, unless it is
      pointed out that what is going on, is actually
      an exchange, not a one-way delivery of
      a tone 'to the ears' of the hearer.

      (It may be useful to contemplate just
      what a 'reality hacker' does, and the
      attitudes which will either facilitate or
      hinder such activities.)

      Best regards...

      ==Gene Poole==

      tone = tonus= tension = movement = life


      If less is more,
      nothing is everything.
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