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7256Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Email questions about 3rd Eye and comments during meditation

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  • Jason Fishman
    Apr 30 8:13 PM
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      > > Jason: Yes depth, the shallow end of what we would
      > all
      > > care to experience. Moving, powerful &
      > overwhelming.
      > > As to say this is heaven or hell, either being
      > deep
      > > states of good or badness.
      > No, not my meaning. With deep meditation at least
      > in my case,
      > thoughts slow and very few ideas are presented. The
      > recurring one
      > was will I be posessed, i.e., is the idea of
      > meditation a misleading
      > conspiracy to get people to submit to a loss of
      > control of themselves.
      > I found that idea to be wrong but only after I was
      > 'at the end of my
      > rope'.

      Jason: OK, I see the conspiracy side of thought as
      though to say something is being done to you. i.e.
      another putting the thought in your head that
      meditation is lovely, only to find out that it's a way
      for another to control you (a demon, let's say).
      Although, I do still question the control side, as to
      say you are doing something to yourself or for
      yourself. In the case of meditation, is the act of
      meditation giving you something (either positive or
      negative)? As to say does the peace you feel during
      deep meditation give rise to a good feeling (not
      thoughts in words, just feeling) Let's not address the
      in between thought for now, as to say neti, neti.

      > >
      > > > It seemed like if I went any further I would
      > lose
      > > > control. I told
      > > > myself i was willing to die but I had to know if
      > I
      > > > had wasted my time
      > > > and had never really been willing to face my
      > fears.
      > >
      > > Jason: yes I understand this practice. On what one
      > > would call a control issue, wouldn't someone with
      > a
      > > serious intent to kill, holding a gun to anothers
      > head
      > > be quite the same practice? Would you say there is
      > a
      > > better sense of control when one does this on
      > their
      > > own?
      > could you go into this a little more? I dont
      > understand your meaning.
      > I actually sat down and waited to die.

      Jason: What is ment here is, is sitting and waiting to
      die something other then have someone force your
      eminent death apon you. Does this waiting to die seem
      to give you the control as opposed to another taking
      your life? If, so... Does this thought that you
      control the outcome give you benift?

      I have succumb to my own death in both situations, so
      for me neither feel different, nor does there seem to
      be a benifit or non-benifit to this illusion of an

      > >
      > > > I practiced a
      > > > small affirmation that when the time came I
      > would
      > > > not back off
      > > > again. So I was graced with Samadhi.
      > >
      > > Jason: hmm, ponderous.
      > I have done this a lot, get prepared for thoughts
      > that I expect to
      > return. You seem critical? Could you explain
      > please?

      Jason: The affirmation, that one will not back-off
      next time. I was thinking about this backing off, this
      letting go and again it seems to me a non-choice, nor
      does it provide a benifit to partake in such a

      Such to say that you can do everything imaginable to
      remove the fear that you don't know whats around the
      corner. There still remains enough suprises around the
      corner to keep taht fear in check.

      Much like going around the block to meet your
      neighbors, you never know if you will be welcomed or
      not. So there is a sense that you may not be, even if
      you've been around the block a million times. There is
      still enough unwelcoming to keep it interesting.

      > >
      > > > The fears were of the unknown. Like a child
      > that
      > > > does not know
      > > > monsters of the supernatural kind do not exist
      > > > because they have not
      > > > lived enough to know, I had to learn to be
      > brave.
      > > > It seems silly now
      > > > but the fear was like a wisp of smoke and I have
      > not
      > > > seen it since.
      > > >
      > > > The question of negative or positive has to
      > answered
      > > > in context to an
      > > > event and not as one of the rules in an
      > objective
      > > > universe that we
      > > > must somehow find. In that sense, thoughts
      > during
      > > > meditation are bad.
      > >
      > > Jason: I see, some thoughts outloud we share,
      > thank
      > > you! Fear of the unknown, the demon of all
      > goodness
      > > perhaps?
      > I don't see goodness as an entity and as I explained
      > I gave up the
      > possibility of the demon.

      Jason: I understand. Although it is most certain to me
      that people don't care for each other (or for things),
      not in the least, until a moment arises when the other
      can do something to benifit them, then they care
      deeply. What really could be exposed is this knowing
      of oneself and of others, this may aid in the fight
      against the demons of understanding motivations and
      interplay in any relational experience. Even though
      people walk around saying things like "she/he loves me
      for me" or "he/she doesn't care", the bottom line is
      that they don't care until they do. Who am I? A
      selfish person, until those that benifit me are
      clearly understood, regardless of any past or future
      interplay. Death seems beyond a sense of self and is
      also prior to any senses. Nothing begins nor does it
      end, so I guess this is the end of another begining:)

      > > Peace and Love
      > >
      > Love
      > Bobby G.

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