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7197Re: [Meditation Society of America] question: meditation suited to temperment

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  • judirhodes
    Apr 28, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, wrmspirit@a...
      > Speaking again of children with this condition, many experience
      > delays in combination with the inability to focus and concentrate,
      and should
      > be assessed in finding where their strength in learning is. Some
      > auditory learning while others do best with visual. This, too,
      must be taken
      > in consideration which becomes inclusive of music and sounds.
      Children do
      > well with playing a musical instrument which also encourages a
      > in focus and concentration skills.
      ******** I used to run a computer school for kids and ended up
      specializing in kids with ADD. Using the educational computer games
      for learning to read helped them significantly in bringing them up to
      speed with their classmates. The games were able to hold their
      attention. My living and dining room I turned into a classroom filled
      with computers where kids would come after school. It was a lot of
      fun. It got very popular and I was packed with kids after school.

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