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7188Re: ADHD (Nina)--meditation, breathing, nutrition

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  • Dennis Lewis
    Apr 28, 2003
      Yes, it is true that many people are being adversely affected by an
      information overload. But most people do not develop ADD. ADD/ADHD is
      often the result of hormonal imbalances (especially insulin) in the
      body, which can result from poor diet, lack of emoga-3 fatty acids,
      etc. For example, Dr, Barry Sears (originator of "The Zone") reports
      in his new book "The Omega RX Zone" on how researchers (including
      himself) are using high doses (up to 25 grams a day) of
      pharmaceutical-grade fish oil (Omega-3 faty acids) to bring about a
      dramatic improvements in ADD/ADHD symptoms in both children and
      adults. This kind of fish oil, in combination with special diets, is
      also being used to help treat numerous other diseases, including
      heart disease, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer's, and many more. I
      include information about this kind of fish oil on my website.

      Meditation--along with healthy, natural breathing--can be highly
      effective in helping to reduce or alleviate many of the problems
      asscoiated with the excessive stresses of today's high-paced world,
      but if we don't have the basic nutrients that our body requires for
      harmonious internal communication among the cells, organs, glands,
      etc., the common forms of meditation can only take us so far when it
      comes to health problems.

      There are different kinds of meditation, of course, and the kind we
      practice will depend on our aim. Some forms of meditation are
      oriented more toward stress reduction; others are oriented more
      toward being one with "what is." There is overlap, of course, but our
      true intention makes a huge difference.

      The "expanded awareness" that is at the heart of the deepest forms of
      meditation is not a thing among other things. When we truly abide in
      the awareness that we are in our essence, the things that move
      through us no longer have the same power over us--ie, we are no
      longer identified with them; we don't get lost in them. The
      information we receive no longer has the power to disrupt the nervous
      system and throw us off balance. Yes, "disidentification with
      personal doership" is important, but it happens naturally when we
      abide in stillness and welcoming.

      Dennis Lewis

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, freyjartist@a...
      > Dear Nina
      > I was just looking for your last post,
      > but i think its gone....
      > anyway, i had a couple of thoughts
      > that came up from what you said.
      > The ADD/ADHD condition seems to me
      > to be largely (not entirely) a combination of
      > the increased amount of information that
      > comes through all the different avenues of communication
      > that now exist, combined with the propensity
      > of these individuals to be ultra sensitive with less filters
      > than others...which is what i heard you saying
      > in your post.
      > So, all kinds of information coming in all the time.
      > When there is expanded awareness, there is even more information,
      > for example, from senses beyond the five senses, and even from
      > Void universes (Stephen Jourdain
      > and Stephen Wolinsky talk about these).
      > So, when there is this expanded awareness, with all
      > kinds of information coming in, it then becomes a
      > matter of all of this info working "for you"
      > rather than against you.
      > Where there is disidentification with personal doership
      > then it can work "for" rather than "against".
      > Thanks for sharing,
      > Freyja
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