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7175Nasrudin takes them for a flight

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 28, 2003
      Nasrudin was the pilot of an airplane. After the plane was thousands
      of feet in the air, one of the engines blew up. The startled
      passengers began screaming with fear. Nasrudin came out of the cockpit
      and told them very calmly that everything was going to be all right.
      They calmed down and he went back to flying the plane. Soon, the other
      engine blew up and again the passengers began screaming with fear as
      the plane began going down. And again Nasrudin came out and said
      everything would be all right. He was so calm that they again calmed
      down. But then he reached under a seat and grabbed a package. One of
      the passeangers said "We all see that you're very calm, but isn't that
      a parachute? Nasrudin said " Don't worry. Everything will be OK. I'm
      going for help." And with that, he jumped out of the plane.