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7153[Meditation Society of America] Re: on GuruRatings and an Email question-Bobby

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  • texasbg2000
    Apr 27, 2003
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      > Jason: I do love your pleasentries. It's wonderful
      > Bobby! One thing to note here is that no one does
      > anything without a percieved benifit to themselves.
      > Absolutley, 100 percent, nada, so your observation
      > stands 100 percent.
      > One of these days I would love to see some of your
      > work in person. I still have "melody on the mountain"
      > as my desktop pict. Even now it moves me unspeakably!
      > Peace and Love

      that's great to hear Jason. thanks.
      I think youre right about art in person. that is the way it is
      supposed to be seen and felt. Visual art is instantaneous and
      remains immediate. Reproductions work though.

      Bobby G.
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