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706Journal Entry-Eve

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  • eveneon
    Jul 15, 2002
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      Date:July 15, 2002
      Time : 6:30am
      Duration: 50 minutes (open)
      Technique: Body and breath awareness
      Position: Sitting in chair, eyes closed, hands resting on knees,
      palms up

      Slow start today. I was having trouble staying focused, but
      eventually my concentration got stronger. Started off by chanting OM
      silently, but it seemed like too much effort so I decided to
      visualize Om instead. This helped. As my session progressed, I kept
      my focus most of the time. My back began to hurt a little, but I
      didn't feel like shifting my meditation to a healing visualization,
      so I just ignored the back pain and after I while I didn't notice it
      any more. Longer than normal session today .
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