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6915It's About Time

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  • texasbg2000
    Apr 25, 2003
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      fellow time travelers:

      A few years ago i ran into this idea about time.

      Time should not be thought of as increments or spaces with a past and
      future incremental nature. It is more clear in a metaphysical sense
      to think of it in terms of duration.

      The duration of the current event is the present. The present lasts
      as long as the current event lasts. Then it is a past event. While
      shopping, shopping is the present moment. Then when it is finished
      it is the past and we can see it for its entirety. What we could not
      see about shopping while it was going on is now clear. This magazine
      is too expensive, these shoes are too red, etc. I shopped too long.
      It is the problem of involvement that keeps realization about the
      present moment on the back burner: that keeps us from seeing our own
      actions in context. That and the inablity to place the beginning and
      middle in perspective until we know the ending.

      It is the same problem as knowing how someone else will take what we
      say before we hear their response. Even then if we unwittingly
      offended them, the defenses will keep enlightenment at bay till the
      current event is over for some time.

      So at the end of the day we remember the shopping in context with the
      cooking and working and driving and offending and see the whole day
      as it was. So the shopping which is the past in one sense before the
      day was over, was still the present until the current event of the
      whole day was past. That day is put in context with other days and
      it becomes clear that nothing is the past. Everything is current.

      This allows us to see that only the current exists. Current is an
      interesting word. It also is a flow of energy.

      So a man falls off a cliff. Death is eminent. The whole life of the
      man is that current event which is ending.

      Bobby G.
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