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  • eveneon
    Jul 11, 2002
      Date: July 11, 2002
      Time: 8:40
      Duration: 40 minutes
      Position: sitting in chair, eyes closed, palms resting on knees
      facing up
      Technique: Breath and body awareness

      Today was all about body awareness. I started my session the same way
      I usually do, scanning my body for tension then focusing on the sound
      and feeling of my breath. I was finding it difficult to concentrate
      and noticed some back pain starting to build so I decided to try some
      healing visualization techniques. I focused on drawing healing energy
      (represented by an iridescent purple/pink/bluish color). I imagined
      bringing this in through my breath and my arms, legs, and head. I
      would hold this energy in my body and see it moving around, and then
      I would exhale the painful energy (represented by the color red) I
      did this for a while I noticed where tension was coming up in my
      body. My back pain never left completely, but it changed intensity
      and certain times. I was feeling the need to stretch and was starting
      to feel a little warm. I just sat with this until I felt it was time
      to stop. My concentration seemed to get stronger as my session
      progressed. I felt a little achy when I woke up this morning and I
      still feel a little achy after meditating. I don't know if this
      visualization helped my pain or not, but it gave me something to
      focus on, helping me to concentrate a little more.
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