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67[Pittsburgh, PA] - Enlightenment Retreat

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  • dwhite93
    Nov 15 4:47 PM
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      Namasthe,<br>Do you feel as if there is something
      missing in your life, but you know not what? Are you
      unhappy or suffering? Would you like to liberate yourself
      from that suffering? Happiness is a choice! Do not
      miss this great and rare opportunity of awakening your
      heart and discovering the divinity (antaryamin) in
      you.<br>�Living In Joy� will then become a reality.<br><br>This
      is an Enlightenment Retreat scheduled for Saturday,
      December 8,2001 in the Pittsburgh area. The time is from
      9:00AM - 5:00PM. Cost is<br>$25 donation per person. It
      is given by Bhagavad Dasa Mohana Santhanam, an
      enlightened dasa of the Foundation For World Awakening in
      India.<br>Taught at this workshop will be:<br><br>-Awakening to
      States of Unconditional Love, Deep Inner Peace and
      Bliss.<br>-Ancient Mystical techniques for receiving Profound Divine
      Mystical Experience (personal Experience with the Divine
      and Divine Union.)<br>-Awakening the Divine Within in
      a form that you can see, hear and relate
      with.<br>-Experience the Awakening and Flowering of the
      Heart.<br>-Learning To Perfect Your Relationships.<br>-Learning the
      Sadhanas (yoga & meditation) of the Enlightened Monks of
      the Satyaloka Monastery.<br>-Annihilate Stress, Pain,
      & Suffering.<br><br>We wish to see you on December
      8 and hope you have JOYful experience and
      awareness. Something you want to experience tomorrow, then
      why not today?<br>PLEASE NOTE: I am not a
      representative of this organization and have no vested interest
      is "selling" this retreat. I am just a person who's
      life has PROFOUNDLY changed for the better because of
      this enlightenment, and I want to share that
      opportunity with others in search of Truth. <br><br>For more
      information and registration, please email:
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