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  • ramona_lazarus
    Jul 10, 2002
      my name is Ramona Lazar, I've been a lurker for some time now but I
      decided that's time for me to speak up. I'm also new to meditation
      but it interests me very much. How comes? Some time ago something
      was wrong with my heart, but the doctors couldn't find what. So one
      fiend of mine suggested that it would help if i'd try autogenic
      trainig. I started the method some years ago with a psycologist and
      it helped me loads. My heart is now OK, only sometimes when I forget
      that I'm not supposed to take everything too hard it gives my
      some "signals". But enough with this...Concerning meditation...I
      would like to start with it...but I don't know from where ... How,
      when...things like that.
      And sorry, I forgot to tell you a little bit about myself: 37,
      married, one son (almost 17, my godness), born in Romania, living in
      Israel, former journalist, writer and now English teacher...I came
      to live in Israel 3 years ago and I have a very hard time
      adjusting...I came because I've met my husband (second one), he is
      That's it for now.If you have questions, just shoot.
      But don't forget that I need some coaching here. I don't think if
      there is somebody "teaching" meditations techniques here, that's why
      I wrote you, guys.
      Thanks a lot,
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