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  • eveneon
    Jul 9 11:29 AM
      Date: July 9, 2002
      Time: 8:20am
      Duration: 45minutes (open)
      Position: Sitting in chair, eyes closed, palms facing up resting on
      Technique: Body and breath awareness

      Very good concentration today. I was able to stay focused almost
      continuously. I really had no back pain today except for a moment or
      two of noticing a mild discomfort, which quickly passed. But I did
      however also notice some mild discomfort in my jaw. Not enough to
      distract me. Today's session seemed to have a different quality to
      it, but I don't think I can describe it. I can only say it seemed to
      be more of a watching or "witnessing" of my thoughts. I meditated in
      a different room and facing a different direction. I don't know if
      this had an influence or not. Possible I suppose. Longer than normal
      session today. Very calm and relaxed afterward.
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