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66Question: Why can't I concentrate

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 15, 2001
      Answer:<br>Often, you can't concentrate because
      you are being distracted or aren't making a
      full-hearted effort. A Zen master was once asked what his
      advice was for attaining Samadi, a state of
      enlightenment. He said "Attention!!!" When asked to elaborate,
      he answered "Attention! Attention! Attention!"
      The<br>message is simple and powerful. When you are meditating,
      resolve to not be distracted and have a firm intention to
      be aware. If you do this, you will fill with
      wonder-full experiences. <br>It is a good idea to start each
      session by commanding your mind not to chatter, your
      emotions to remain serene, and you body not to itch,
      twitch, or in any way disturb your effort. Command your
      senses to "turn off'. And then go within. The<br>light
      of Attention will dissolve the darkness and reveal
      the wisdom and bliss that is ever-present and is your
      very essence.
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