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  • kmckenzie92765
    Jul 8 12:44 PM
      > Has anyone heard about the Indigo Children or read the book by
      > title? (portions deleted)

      > What is anyone's take on the book's theory? I can't put my finger
      > why I disliked the message when it screamed at me so.
      > Lesley
      Based on the discussion on Indigo Children on this board and my
      internet search, I checked the book out of the library on Saturday
      and am in the process of reading it.

      I'm 64. My initial take on the book is to wonder whether the children
      have really changed or whether a sufficient number of adults have
      awakened (or been educated) to "see" realities in our children that
      have always been there. There are many factors at work here, not the
      least of which is less tolerance for "children should be seen and not
      heard" that was so prevalent when I was growing up.

      Once we begin to listen to each other, including our children, we
      become amazed at the previously unseen and unknown wisdom that is all
      around us. "Out of the mouths of babes. . . ," etc.

      As to the phenomenon just now being seen by people who have been
      teaching or in day care for 25-30 years -- I would certainly hope
      that anyone in these fields for this length of time has changed at
      least some of their teaching/caring behavior to incorporate changing
      wisdom, thus changing what they see and the behavior they elicit in
      the children under their care.
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