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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 8, 2002
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      Eve wrote:
      > I have not done any healing techniques for my back. I guess I
      figured that since the pain comes and goes and I don't always have
      it, that it would just eventually stop on it's own. I am open to
      trying something though. It might be nice to have something to shift
      my meditation to when my back pain kicks in. Can you recommend
      something to try?
      Thanks, Eve
      Dear Eve,
      At one time, my first impulse would have been to say "Baily's Irish
      Cream", but that's just the eternal teen-ager in me looking for
      acceptance through being funny. Now, all grown up (or down, depending
      on your viewpoint), I'm going to suggest checking out the healing
      techniques on our site http://www.meditationsociety.com/week29.html
      BTW, this is the 2nd time in 24 hours I've suggested this, so I
      expect doing it again very soon - or is this just an example of
      holding on to folk lore and treating it as truth. Nah, not in this
      case. Everybody knows that it's scientific fact that things happen in
      3's. Oops - there goes that teenager again. Seriously, I hope that
      you have learned all you need to from the back pain, and that one of
      the methods discussed on the site, or something else, helps effect a
      complete relief of your discomfort. After all, the Eagles training
      camp opens in 18 days, and we all need to give football our complete
      attention thereafter. Hey - how about that. The teenager came out 3
      times. Yep - scientific proof if I ever saw it!
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