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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 6, 2002
      "judirhodes" <judirhodes@z...>
      ****** OH, NO!! :-)
      > Hi everybody, Rev. Helen Hiwater here, and I just popped in to
      > Straighten up and bow down! There's nooooo way around it! :-)
      > heh heh heh! :-)

      > ps - Thanks Bob, I just got the copy of your newsletter in the mail.
      > Much love to all,
      > Judi
      Hi Judi, Good to hear/read from you. So it took almost a month for
      mail to go from Mich. to NM and catch up with you. Well, I hope you
      enjoy it! I'm hoping you'll HANG aroung here for a while. (That's a
      sort of inside pointing to The End of The Rope Ranch Group which you
      so capably and humorously and seriously manage so well). Say hi to
      Michael in Taos, and thank Michael in Germany for doing what he is
      doing. God Bless him!
      Love, Bob
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