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641The Hardest Meditation Technique

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 6, 2002
      In our classes, one of the only "homework assignments" we directly
      give is to try to abstain from expressing negativity for either 2
      hours on one day, or for a whole day, or for 2 weeks, or for a
      lifetime. Everyone (except the truly saintly) who does this reports
      that they have learned a tremendous amount about their habitual
      negative responses to life. This is a great opportunity to stop
      "going there". After all, once you realize you have been banging your
      head against the wall, and know how good it feels to not do it, you
      will tend to avoid the head banging ever after. One warning - be
      gentle and forgiving to yourself when you see how negative you are.
      No being negative about being negative! This technique will also kick
      up your self-control. As you refrain from saying negative things with
      words or body language, you start seeing that you really need not get
      upset/negative about things. You will also automatically gain greater
      dispassion and discrimination. These are the basic building blocks
      for having a meditative basis for your life. Perhaps most
      importantly, it is your inner Witness that will be aware of your
      physical, emotional, and mental actions and reactions, and being at
      one with the Witness is Being at One with your Real Self. When you
      remain at One with your Witness, you will never again squander a
      moment in negativity, and you will live happily ever after. Of This,
      I am positive!