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64Re: mantra question

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 12, 2001
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      Dear Paul,<br>Durga is one of the forms of the
      female divine energy, the Mother of the Universe, and I
      believe that this mantra is thought to be one that allows
      the practitioner to connect with Her. Durga is also
      known as Kali and is associated with the death of
      impurities and what is called our animal nature. Things like
      anger, greed, hate, lust and so on. It is often
      expressed that we must first recognize and then eliminate
      these negative aspects of our personality if we are to
      progress spiritually. By repeating this mantra, we turn
      our effort over to the Higher Power and let it do
      what is needed and appropriate. It is very hard to
      recognize our shortcomings, and far easier to do so in
      others. A "Guru" can see within ourselves what is not
      easily apparent to us and it is often said that the Guru
      is the representative of Durga. So, it is common in
      the East to go to a Guru and work with them on our
      spiritual cleansing. One is often then given a Mantra that
      is repeated constantly and is intended to put us in
      the position of allowing "Thy will be done" to occur.
      Mantra is a wonderful method to become pure. When we
      scrub things, the friction is what makes them clean.
      Perhaps the negativity you described is the cleansing
      process, and thus, a "good" thing. I hope this has helped.
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