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637Inner Sounds - Bob

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  • Tony
    Jul 5, 2002
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      Thanks Bob,

      I will try it tomorrow.


      Tony wrote: Thanks so much for the tip on inner sounds meditation - I
      will try it. Could you go further on the traditional way to listen to
      inner sounds - I don't think we have discussed it, and I am desperate
      for guidance.
      Dear Tony, I think I have posted this technique on the site, or
      somewhere, at some time. When I find it, I will post it here. In the
      mean (I hope gentle) time, I will try to keep this short and simple...
      When placing attention on the inner sounds, using earplugs definitely
      makes it easier. Relax and position yourself in the posture you
      have found to be most condusive to sustaining meditation. Then,
      silently focus with full attention on the (inner) right side. The 3rd
      Ear! As you listen, there are traditionally 10 sounds that will be
      heard, but rather than naming them, which I think may cause mind
      chatter ("Oh, there's that sound, now let's see if the next one will
      appear, etc...), I want to suggest just Witnessing without
      comparisons, judgements, or commentary. When you are aware of a sound
      that is not on the right side, it's OK to let your awareness follow
      it and float where it goes. When it fades away or changes, go back to
      inner right attention. That's really all there is to it, and it
      seems so easy that it would be tempting to discount its potency, but
      it can be a divinely deep experience. There may come a time when 1000
      jet engines could go off right next to you and you won't notice,
      because of the infinite ecstatic nature of your connection with
      sound. It is there. All you need do is become aware of it. Empty,
      Witness, and you will fill with the celestial harmonies that are the
      precursors of Pure Silence.

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