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62Re: Q & A about out of body experiences

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 10, 2001
      Question: <br>Please supply an actual technique
      for astral travel.<br>Answer:<br>If you are ever in
      Philly, come to one/some of our classes, and we will be
      glad to do a few guided out of the body techniques.
      There is no doubt that live guidance is the most
      effective, safe, easiest, and other positive adjectives, way
      to experience the astral, and all the literature you
      read will validate this. But, since you asked, here is
      a "classic" technique...<br>Astral technique<br>1.
      Close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting or
      laying down in whatever position you are in. See
      yourself in as great a detail as you can.<br>2. Visualize
      your astral body getting up and leaving your physical
      body and floating to a position approx. 10 feet above
      your physical body.<br>3. Float up through the ceiling
      of the room you are in, or right up in the sky if
      you are outdoors. When you are about 100 feet in the
      air, look down and see the area you were just in. See
      the rooftops, treetops, lights, whatever.<br>4. Float
      very much higher and then see the area beneath
      you.<br>5. Think of somewhere on earth and let yourself be
      pulled there. This usually happens instantaneously with
      the first place you think of. It is suggested you
      preplan your "flight". Look around. Be conscious of your
      surroundings without commenting, comparing, or judging. No
      mental chatter!<br>6. Let your self, your awareness, be
      pulled back to high above where you started. Let the
      universe pull you to wherever you are supposed to go.
      Be<br>silently conscious of your surroundings, learn what you
      are supposed to, and be pulled back again.<br>7.
      Float back down to above the building or area where you
      started. Look at the environment, and float down through
      the rooftop to the top of the room you started in,
      about 10 feet above your body.<br>8. Let yourself be
      pulled back into your physical body. Lay or sit still
      and let your physical body absorb what your astral
      body has learned. Silently witness the process.<br>9.
      Live happily ever after.
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