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61Q and A about past lives

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 6, 2001
      Question<br>Can we remember our past lives
      through meditation?<br>Answer<br>The real problem we have
      is that we don't remember our present moment/life.
      99% of the time we are rehashing the past or
      fantasizing about the future. We react and rarely act. Even
      our reactions aren't spontaneous - more often, they
      are habitual and copied from those we were
      conditioned to by modeling after our parents, peer group, or
      TV and movie stars. Meditation has the potential to
      have you experience reality, and that can only take
      place Now. When we meditate, we are<br>witnessing what
      our mind, or body, or emotions, or a combination, are
      experiencing in the present moment. We can then be aware of
      what our life is really about. This is the time to
      learn. The universe is always ready to give us what we
      need for our spiritual development, be it information
      about past lives, or more likely, about the present. A
      very enlightened man once said that it is a blessing
      that we only have knowledge of our present life
      because we are already overwhelmed just by it. And if we
      had to also carry around the suffering we have
      previously experienced, we would be tormented all the more.
      Don't worry, when you <br>need to know the past, it
      will be revealed to you.
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