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  • Tony
    Jul 2, 2002
      Hi Tab,

      Sorry my reply came late - I have had email problems.

      I think "the best time to meditate" is a good topic. I hope others will share their personal experiences.

      I find the mornings a more convenient time:
      1) It is about the quietest time of day
      2) Most people are still asleep so disturbances are reduced
      3) Typically I have nothing scheduled so there are fewer conflicts
      4) It is my most peaceful time of day as my body is still relaxed

      However mornings have some disadvantages:
      1) If I wake late - I may miss my session
      2) Sometimes I am sleepy
      3) If I did not sleep well, this flows into the session

      What I find most important is having a regular time. Routine is an important factor. When my body get used to a routine it prepares itself better I go faster into my session.

      I have tried other times - I find these to be almost as effective so long as the location and preparation are the same.


      Thanks Tony for your response. That does make me feel better about
      things. All will be known in good time.

      I was wondering if you find meditation in the early morning hours of
      more benefit then at other times during the day? I find it is easier
      to fall into before the mind becomes too occupied.

      Good Tidings,


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