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608Inner Sounds - Bob

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  • Tony
    Jul 2, 2002
      Hi Bob,

      Before I start my post I have a comment on "protocol". I notice in this group, people do not always sign their posts. Since the user name could be any combination of letters, sometimes I find it hard to know who has posted, especially when one person has more than one user name. Is this OK here? Could we simply sign our names on our posts? Secondly, in some groups the subject line does more work. Typically it includes the subject as well as who it is specially addressed to. This makes it easier to home into posts directed you when you receive your daily flood of mail. Could we do the same?

      Back to your post.

      Thanks so much for the tip on inner sounds meditation - I will try it.

      Could you go further on the traditional way to listen to inner sounds - I don't think we have discussed it, and I am desperate for guidance.

      There are times when I am blown away by what comes up during my meditation. When the Tom and Jerry clip came up - my jaw dropped. I wondered - "what is that doing here?" It provided a brief moment of entertainment.


      Comment: Tony, Have we discussed the traditional way to listen to
      inner sounds is to focus on the right side? I know that this time the
      sound came spontaneously from the left, and that's not "wrong" or
      anything like that, but if the intention is to do an inner ear
      meditation, right is right. Right! Also, ain't the mind
      fascinating...Saints Tom and Jerry! What grace!

      PS - can we get some of your journal entries?

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