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  • Sandeep Chatterjee
    Jul 2, 2002
      From: medit8ionsociety
      Date: Tue Jul 2, 2002 11:25 am
      Subject: Re: Greetings

      Dear Sandeep,
      Welcome! As a fan of your wisdom and unique way of sharing it, I hope
      you will grant us your cyber Darshan often.

      Thank you.

      What you will find here
      are full blown Jnani's as well as meditation beginners, and everything
      in between.

      Ahaa, the full Monty.

      Our previous posts have formed a very nice FAQ resource
      that goes well with our web site, Meditation Station
      We are dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts from
      all traditions with all who seek this valuable knowledge. I hope you
      will be active in our effort to make this group unnecessary. This
      will occur when all the ???'s have turned into !!!'s.


      Wonder why is this List called Meditationsocietyofamerica?
      No other geographical location accepted or allowed?

      Wonder, in the sharing and the doing of meditation techniques and concepts, what is the objective?

      Just a new kid in the block, trying to fit in.

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