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60Q & A about out of body experiences

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 4, 2001
      Question:<br>I had an experience while in high
      school that was somewhat enlightening and at the same
      time, frightening. I was trying a meditation technique
      from a book where you concentrate on emptying the mind
      by counting,focusing only on the numbers while
      slowing the breathing and heart rate. I managed to
      progress until one night, I felt myself float away from my
      body. Looking down, I could see myself and looking up I
      saw an unimaginable expanse, like the universe. I was
      frightened at the time and thought that perhaps I relaxed
      my<br>breathing so much that I may have stopped breathing. From
      there I struggled and returned to my bed. Leery of
      trying again, I returned the book to the library and
      settled for less intense meditations.<br> It has been
      over fifteen years now, and I am yearning for another
      go at it, but do not remember the technique or the
      book which contains it. Do you have any idea where I
      could research this?<br>Answer:<br>This is your
      everyday, or rather everynight type out-of-body, astral
      experience. When you are supposed to, it will happen again.
      Perhaps you have already learned the real lesson astral
      travel teaches - you are not your body. You are a
      spiritual consciousness that temporarily inhabits a
      physical body. When you sleep, you no longer have
      consciousness of it, and when you wake up, you no longer have
      awareness of your dream body. Therefore, both are mere
      phantoms. The consciousness, Witness, is the continuing
      essence and reality of who your Real Self is. Meditate
      and continue your spiritual evolution. <br>BTW, We do
      teach astral travel techniques in our classes and if
      you are ever in the Philly area, you, and everyone
      reading this, are most welcome to attend as our guest,
      and we will be glad to share these methods.
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