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596Easy Come, Easy Go - Tab

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  • Tony
    Jun 26, 2002
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      Hi Tab,

      I am having posting problems - so I am not sure if this will get through or which route it will take.

      I too have this "problem". One approach is that maybe you only thought you had a solution! That what you had was the feeling of accomplishment rather than the solution.
      A second approach is that maybe you should not have the solution. That your inner self thinks it is not in your best interest long term.

      However, assuming those are not true, then I would simply suggest practice. You might do some "self-suggestion" before you start your session and over time you recall ability should improve. I work on the basis that my inner self knows best. That there is an underlying reason why you got a glimpse at the solution before it was taken away from you. If the solution was truly important you would remember it. Maybe a better solution is around the corner!

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      The last time I had a startling revelation to a problem during a
      meditation, it was like the answer simply presented itself without
      any degree of pondering. It seemed to appear out of nowhere and it
      created a sense of awe. However, when the meditative process came to
      an end, unfortunately, as easily as the idea had come, it as quickly
      fled. How could I have lost so easily what I thought to be a such a
      brilliant discovery? Is there any technique where I could recapture
      that which I forgot? Is it possible to be able to write things done
      during a session without breaking the magic of the moment?

      Mentally Mystified,


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