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587Re: Intelligence - period

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  • messenger93225
    Jun 29, 2002
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "tosime2001"
      > In terms of parts of the body, I am beginning to appreciate that
      > possibly all organs and other parts of our bodies have some
      sort of
      > innate intelligence. The problem is that they don't
      communicate with
      > words. I am guessing that each organ has its own way of
      > communicating. It might be partly the way we sense the organ
      but it
      > might also have others channels. I am still exploring this. At the
      > moment I use my mind to translate the sensations into some
      kind of
      > thought, but this is not efficient as the mind adds its own
      > interpretation.
      Allow this Mind ~ another interpretation....
      If one were to interpret a lung as metaphor - what could it be
      other than inspiration manifest?
      Try it with the other organs, then tell me who (what) is really
      communicating, other than the intellegence of a perfect universe,
      Image and Likeness?

      Namaste~ Messenger
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