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5714Re: Communication and Communion

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  • Gene Poole
    Apr 1, 2003
      asimpjoy <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      > Communication:
      > This is when we use words and symbols to convey our meaning to
      > another.

      > Communion:
      > To commune with another is to understand, effortlessly, the meaning
      > of what is being conveyed - even though the words may not be
      > understood at all!

      > With love and affection,
      > Tony

      JR "BOB" Dobbs' "Way of No Way" suggests:


      Just a suggestion...


      Sofa'ed, Couch of Divan Immaculation


      "Oh blinding light, I cannot see...

      Oh blinding light, Look out for me... "

      -----Firesign Theatre
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