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5710Communication and Communion

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  • asimpjoy
    Apr 1, 2003
      This is when we use words and symbols to convey our meaning to
      another. This is difficult because one may place a different
      significance to the expressions used than was intended.
      Additionally, the syntax and grammar that is used in the
      communication can further distort what was meant.
      ... Communications can be twisted and distorted, and result in an
      over dependence on words and concepts leading to misunderstandings,
      dead-ends, and cleaver retorts, which only get one more and more
      trapped in words and counter-words, concepts and counter-concepts,
      resulting in more and more misunderstandings.

      To commune with another is to understand, effortlessly, the meaning
      of what is being conveyed - even though the words may not be
      understood at all!
      This demands that one's mind remains open and receptive to what is
      being communicated, so that one is able to feel directly the actual
      intended meaning that exists behind all the words and concepts being
      I think his takes real affection for another, and it cannot be
      accomplished if one already too busy interpreting everything
      according to one's particular bias or existing prejudices, or if one
      is already too busy formulating one's response.
      ... In communion there is unity with another so completely that
      you feel as though you are one with them - you are them, and you so
      understand them completely - regardless of what words they are using
      to express themselves, even if not in detail.

      Communion seems to be natural and spontaneous at the very moment
      ... There is no self-interest.

      With love and affection,
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