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5686Re: Any relevance here? Dan

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    Apr 1, 2003
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      Belyea" <jeff@s...> wrote:
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      > > > >
      > > > > G: one more additional comment to Jeff's clarity..... you
      see we
      > > > > do not think that we are higher - more special - elite... we
      > > > > that what we are is most ordinary ... we have gone past
      all the
      > > > > games.... and where we are everyone can be....
      behind all of
      > > > > the shadows and clouds of ignorance (which parade
      > > > > mental dramas and judgement) , remains the light of
      > > > > Being which is everyones birthright.....
      > > > >
      > >
      > > "We" are HAPPY MEDITATORS - Dan's generous description.
      > And I think Dan's point is this: to be a "happy meditator"
      > one to define themselves as such, and as such they provide
      > with yet another cage of identity, that of being the "happy
      > So, being a "happy meditator" is just like being a "suffering
      > or a "perpetual loser" insofar as these are all self-generated
      > of individuality rather than the pure being behind it all.
      > This isn't to say that a "happy meditator" doesn't have access
      > themselves as this pure being, just that they dress this pure
      > up as the "happy meditator" and parade it around for those they
      > consider less happy then themselves.

      G: perhaps the definitions *have* dropped... but any words
      spoken may be taken to be a defining..... you can twist it anyway
      you wish..... in a negative - a positive - or a neutral which
      carries in reality no definitions being held in place....

      as long as speech is taking place then it will be interpreted
      always by the one who is listening or reading in the terms of their
      own cognition and seeing.....

      wherever the mental trajectory is focused is what is going to
      come through.... like someone focused on paranoia will see
      villians everywhere.... those looking for b.s. will find it
      everywhere .... whatever direction you are looking that is what
      will be created so that it may be either overcome or railed
      against or kept in place to give ego a defining place ....

      when no defining remains simply the moment unfolds as it is ....
      then it is simply a dance which is not carried or held ... it is
      momentary and then gone..... what is presented is what is no
      more and no less.........
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