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5649Re: Any relevance here? Dan

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  • asimpjoy
    Apr 1, 2003
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      > G: one more additional comment to Jeff's clarity..... you see we
      > do not think that we are higher - more special - elite... we Know
      > that what we are is most ordinary ... we have gone past all the
      > games.... and where we are everyone can be.... behind all of
      > the shadows and clouds of ignorance (which parade through
      > mental dramas and judgement) , remains the light of Pure
      > Being which is everyones birthright.....
      > now don't take parts of this former paragraph and twist it to
      > once again attempt to say "see there you go saying your special
      > and different again.."
      > no it is not that .... the fact that some continue to see it in
      > light simply shows where their attention and hang-ups are .....
      > we Share what we have out of Gratitude and Love ..... Knowing
      > there is a way out of the madness - suffering - and mental
      > gymnastics of attempting to secure a place in the world.....
      > this is why when others attack in spiteful ways we don't simply
      > run away.... i used to run ... i used to hide.... i used to
      seek all
      > the needy support or rail against the establishment...
      > guess what ? that is all over.... neither do i buckle under the
      > school yard bullies that simply now put on a different cloak ....
      > bullies are bullies , cons are cons , intellectuals are
      > intellectuals , heartfelt is heartfelt , giving without seeking
      > anything in return is called compassion and love....
      > why must everyone have some hidden agenda ? is it not rather
      > the one that is pointing in that direction and judging it so may be
      > simply is seeing what is within their own lives.... ?
      > perhaps some give simply as a spontaneous part of living ....
      > no agendas - no hidden motives - no needs or wants to be
      > propped up ..... maybe the ordinary is so extraordinary that
      > simply giving through the joy of living is misconstrued as
      > something other than what it is ..... a celebration of Wholeness
      > that is Love ... and Love by nature extends itself not seeking
      > anything than others well being and happiness....
      > shanti om

      **** T: I think that most anyone who actually met you and hung out
      with you - for any length of time,
      ... Would see that to be an obvious fact.

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