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5640Re: Meditation Goes To Market

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 1 3:31 AM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      <jeff@s...> wrote:
      > Dear Bob and all -
      > Today, and again on Thursday,
      > I have an opportunity to present
      > an "educational segment" of a
      > monthly meeting, held by a
      > company called Executive Forums.
      > I'll be at one Maine's largest
      > law firms today, and in attendance
      > will be CEOs from a variety of
      > Maine's larger businesses.
      > The theme of my presentation
      > is "Productive Goofing Off".
      > I had to provide drafts of
      > my Power Point Presentation
      > slides, and on the final
      > slide, I introduced:
      > "Natural Enlightenment...
      > Tapping Into Intuitive
      > Consciousness.
      > Heart Meditation..."
      > I wasn't sure this one
      > would make it past the
      > conservative corporate
      > panel who approves the
      > presentations. But to my
      > pleasant surprise, they
      > asked that I spend the
      > most time on this final
      > slide...and asked, "would
      > I give them specific
      > things to do, and explain
      > how to do this meditation...
      > and would it help with stress...
      > for the CEOs...and their
      > employees?"
      > It appears that maybe more
      > of the mainstream corporate
      > world is taking a look at
      > the heart...
      > of business and commerce.
      > I'll let you know how
      > it goes.
      > Namaste and love,
      > Jeff

      Dear Papajeff,
      In a way, I'm not surprised at all about corporate America welcoming
      Meditation education. We've been giving seminars to many different
      types of professional organizations and corporations for more than 10
      years. The insurance companies have recognized the value of meditation
      as a health related asset to mental, emotional and physical well
      being, and many corporations now implement all the preventive health
      maintenance methodologies they can afford. And none are more cost
      effective than meditation. Similarly, meditation is the singular
      method most easily learned, retained, and actually used. So, I'm not
      going to say anything corny like "Give em hell"...I'm going to get
      even cornier, and say "Give em heaven":-)
      Peace and blessings,
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