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5627Re: Any relevance here? / Devi

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  • dan330033
    Mar 31, 2003
      > God: hello dan, haven't seen you for awhile

      Hi Devi.

      > God: dan, now look, i am the only one here, who are you talking to
      > and who are you talking about?


      > God: dan dan dan, it's all intened for your own good dan, your
      > to wake up to your real self, to me, wake up dan, i'm all there is

      I know.

      > God: but dan, it's your ego who keeps playing and replaying the
      > side of the record, haven't you learned to flip it over, dan, i'm
      > not forcing you to listen to what makes you uncomfortable,

      You'll be on that side too.

      Nothing to flip.

      > God: dan dan dan, has life been so hard to you that you see the
      > in the best

      I see All in all.

      All in the worst, All in the best, All in between.

      > God: :(

      There is no one else in here, but you.

      Whether you frown or smile, it is at you.

      > God: your missing the point of creation dan, your not here to make
      > judgements, your here to become me

      There is no one else here, who could become you.

      You already are you.

      You already are All.

      > God: dan dan dan your the only one thats here,,,who are you talking
      > to? now come on, wake up

      There is no place to go where I am not, where I could
      fall into a place outside.

      The only falling asleep, was when I dreamed there was
      such a thing as falling asleep. And even that
      dream was only me, the whole time.
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