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5624Re: Insult, Flattery, and Compassion

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  • dan330033
    Mar 31, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, asimpjoy
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Insult:
      > Is this the desire to hurt another through
      > words or gesture. And why is one hurt, "psychologically"?
      > Often one will insult another to protect one's self,
      > ... As a defensive reaction to the feeling of being attacked?
      > What makes one feel inwardly hurt - insulted?
      > Is it because we want to maintain a certain idea or
      > image about who we think we are, and so we get hurt when
      > someone comes along and takes a poke at it - because we have become
      > so identified and attached to this image we have about our self,
      > we don't want it to be disturbed?
      > ... Or perhaps we want to maintain it in the eyes of others?
      > Flattery:
      > Is flattery the way we "butter-up" someone so we
      > can get what we want from them.
      > I know when I feel flattered, because it embarrasses me,
      > and I get this strange feeling of being puffed up and manipulated.
      > ... Maybe flattery is words with the hidden agenda of a selfish
      > motive?
      > Compassion:
      > Its a strange thing Compassion, because you never know
      > what it will do. It can insult you or flatter you without
      > even the slightest hint of selfishness.
      > It seems to act from the natural flow of Love - a compliment or
      > reprimand,
      > ... According to whatever is needed.
      > I think that is why Compassion is often so misunderstood.
      > I've noticed that there are those who you can't flatter or insult.
      > ... Maybe they lost their image?
      > With love and affection,
      > Tony

      Yes, Yes, Yes.

      And Yes.

      And the ones who really lost their image,
      you can flatter or insult.

      They lost the image of having no image.

      -- Dan
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