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5613Re: Direct Words of Sri Ramana on Guru and Silence/G

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  • devianandi
    Mar 31, 2003
      This reminds me of what its like when I hang out with you.
      The momentum of my internal dialogue gets suspended,
      ... And a different kind of "energy" begins to take place?
      even amongst all the activity and small talk!
      > G: this is one reason that it is of value....
      > > Is Silence then the most potent action there is???
      > G: it is one way to cut through things rapidly....
      devi: my Guru is extremenly powerful probably due to being silent
      since 1952, very profound activity
      > > I sat in Silence this morning,
      > > And watched my mind chatter.
      > > ... I wonder if it will ever end?

      devi: when you leave creation it will
      > G: where is it rising from ?
      Pure Silence seems to remain just out of reach,
      > > Because the internal dialogue just keeps on going.
      > > ... And yet there is that sweet fragrance of another dimension.
      > >
      > > It is calling.
      > G: it will come ... sometimes you try to hard... don't try to
      get it -
      > relax in it .....
      devi: i remember you making fun of my Guru Baba Hari Dass for being
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