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5612Benefits of Meditation on the Wisdom Channel

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  • satkartar7
    Mar 31, 2003
      I just saw on on the Wisdom Channel
      Dr Herbert Benson remarkable
      interview about the benefits of
      meditation. The program is called "Conversations/Remarkable Ppl" check
      your local Cable provider; this
      Station is a treasure of wisdom info
      on health etc.

      Dr H Benson lead us through a
      meditation session online, he is
      a cardiologist MD who founded in
      1986 the very successful The Mind Body
      Medicine Institute

      He talked about the "survival value"
      includs meditation, relaxation. He
      said he teaches this in SCHOOLS
      because children are under tremendous

      Than he talked about the relaxation
      response, about moderation, the 3
      legged school and the magical seuding
      effects of repetition in every culture

      THE 2 STEPS method:
      1. do repetitious movement or chant

      2. any time a thought comes up: let
      it go and GO BACK TO your exercise

      oh! I wish I could remember more
      for you Bob, but you might know him

      awareness-peace-love ^ Karta


      <http://www.lightseed.com/articles/wisdom_channel.htm> <- just an example