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5600Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Any relevance here?

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  • wrmspirit@aol.com
    Mar 31, 2003
      In a message dated 3/31/2003 1:12:33 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      munkiman4u@... writes:

      > True, yet nothing gets removed or it all goes
      > together. Define a seperation and thats what one gets,
      > something seperate. Ego not apart.
      > Not to long ago we didn't have anything to believe,
      > soon enough it will come to pass, back to nothing,
      > let's just forget.
      > Peace and Love

      The irony of it all is that there is a greater potential within mankind
      than what mankind believes and that potential is understanding which has
      nothing to do with being right, or being wrong......and everything to do with
      Few are willing to look "within," and find this inherent potential, and
      instead decide it's better to just forget...


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